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This event is not something which happens in a college on a daily basis, not a hack-a-thon, not a workshop but a full fledged placement mock which will help the students to crack the actual placements and bag dream offers. This will be a 3 day power packed event, mocking the exact details of an on-campus placement procedure. Day 1 will be a coding round which will consist of problem-solving, debugging and aptitude questions. On day 2 all the qualified students from Day 1 will be called for the technical interview round. Then, Day 3 would consist of HR + technical rounds of all the qualified candidates from Day 2. One more takeaway point for the candidates would be a personalized feedback from every round,so that he/she can work on those skills, overcome those shortcomings and race for perfection.

Competitive Coding

Exposure to new types of competitive coding problems to develop problem solving skills. Learn how to manage time effectively by doing questions in a set of time and coping up with stress

Mock Interviews

Get a chance to participate in technical interview round with industrial experts and get personalized feedback from them to prepare yourself to crack the actual placements and bag dream offers.


Win exciting rewards for your hardwork. Cash prizes for winners and lot of goodies and free stickers for all the participants. Also don't forget to take most precious reward of this event i.e. experience of technical interviews.



19th July
  • 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    Pre Vinprep Coding Round
    A moderate level coding round
20th July
  • 4:00 PM

    Design Profile Shortlisted
    Announcement of students who qualified for Design round-2
  • 6:00 PM

    Design Task Allotment
    Round-2 tasks for design Allotment
  • 8:00 PM

    Webinar by Dhairya Gangwani
    Webinar on resume optimization
21st July
  • 8:00 PM

    Panel Discussion
    Panel discussion on placements
22nd July
  • 6:00 PM

    Vinprep Coding Round Begins
    Technical Round-1
  • 7:00 PM

    Design task shortlisted
    Design Round-2 results declared
23rd July
  • 11:00 AM

    Design interviews Begin
    Round-3 for shortlisted candidates
  • 5:00 PM

    Technical interview shortlisted
    Technical Round-1 results Announcement
24th July
  • 11:00 AM

    Technical Interviews Begins
  • 11:00 PM

    HR interview shortlisted
    Technical Round-2 results Announcement
25th July
  • 11:00 AM

    HR Interviews Begins

Who is Conducting?


Affan Shaikh


Ameer Jhan

Sr.SDE, Hackerrank

Angela Gilhotra

Special Projects @Gitcoin

Arnab Kar

Swiggy- Software Consultant

Ashwani Karoriwal

Software Engineer-Facebook

Atul Agrawal

Software Engineer 3 @ Nike

Mayank Satnalika

Python Developer II @SteelEye

Meet Shukla

Technology Analyst, Deutsche Bank

Navneet Singh


Nishkam Shivam

Data Scientist @ Walmart

Priyanka Jain

SDE-2 @ Airbase

Rohit Chandwani

SDE-I @ Joveo

Rishabh Chandel

Pagarbook - SDE 2

Shashank Mishra

Amazon - Data Engineer

Tanya Shrivastava

Development Lead, CloudyBoss

Vaibhavi Singh

SDE-II at Adobe

Vinit Shahdeo

SDE-II at Postman

Aanshul Sadaria

SWE 2, Google

Angad Sharma

SDE @Zomato

Dipankar Bhardwaj

SWE Google

Shivi Kaya

SWE, ex-SDE Cisco Systems

Sarvesh B

Frontend Software Engineer

Tarun Dhankar

Software egineer Urban Company

Yash Shah

Software Engineer II at Google

Sampriti Yadav


Navdeesh Ahuja

Co-founder Pocketly

Khushi Agarwal

Software Engineer @Google

Manvi Singhwal (Design)

Product Designer at Doubtnut


Sahaj Maheshwari

Project Engineer- D.S. at Wipro

Roshan Shah

Roshan Shah

SDE at Bank of America

Aarushi Shah

SDE at Societe Generale

Neha Bharti

Sr. Associate Consultant @Goldman Sachs

Meydhavi Gupta

GM at Philips lighting


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Cash Prizes and Goodies

Top 5
Technical Mock

2K each + Tshirt + Goodies

Top 2
Design Mock

2K each + Tshirt + Goodies

Top 3
CC Round

Tshirt + Goodies

Best Fresher

2K + Tshirt + Goodies


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I take part in this competition?
You will be sitting for your placements sooner or later. So it is smart to get a taste of how an actual placement is conducted by companies to recruit students and therefore be confident when the actual time comes to sit for job interviews.
Should I take part if I have not attended a coding contest before?
Yes definitely. The whole point is to get an understanding of what level of questions you can face when you will finally sit for your actual coding rounds.
What will be the difficulty level of questions asked in the coding/aptitude round?
The difficulty of the questions will be varying. If you are not so polished in cc and other core subjects not to worry. There is a good chunk of easy and medium level questions which can get you past the cutoff (based on competition purely).
How will the interviews be conducted?
They will be conducted on google meet for which the link would be circulated to the selected candidates.
What is the selection criteria for the first round?
For technical mock :-
Only those participants will be selected who have a good score in their coding+aptitude round and have a good profile in their resumes.
For Design mock :-

Only those participants will move forward whose profiles have been shortlisted( Profiles will be shortlisted based on their resumes and the quality of work).
Are resumes compulsory?
Yes, If no resume has been submitted, the participant cannot proceed further to attend the interview mocks.
Any prerequisites for sitting in the interview (Technical) ?
For technical interviews brush up on your core subjects, like data structures, and be prepared for questions related to the project you may have worked on. No prerequisite as such for HR interviews.
Any prerequisites for sitting in the interview (Design) ?
Know your basic UI/UX principles and how you have implemented them and what was your thought process behind designing them.
What is the Code of Conduct ?
  • - Malpractice will not be tolerated. Strict plagiarism checks will be done.
  • - Proper attire is compulsory to sit for the mock interviews.
  • - VinnovateIT can disqualify any candidate based on our discretion.
  • - Any offensive behaviour or language if found can be reported to the officials of the university
  • - In order to be eligible to recieve prizes, it is compulsory to register in hackerEarth with the same email used to register on the Vinprep Website